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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Neighbor

I have not seen the blue light outside my window for many days now. I still wonder about it and all, but recently I have had many other thoughts going through my head. I meant our so called neighbor. I say "so called" because they live way far away from our house basically in the opposite direction of the apple orchard through a small dense forest that sort of surrounds my uncle's apple orchard.

It is really interesting in one particular part of the apple orchard because it will hit the forest and seem to inter twin with the trees of the forest. When I come to this part not only do I feel the normal connection to the apple orchard, but I feel another connection like the woods are trying to talk to me as well. This spot as become my favorite place to spend hours eating apples, reading and watching the wind go through the leaves. I even sometimes school myself here in all different subjects. I teach myself math, science, and what ever I can get my hands on in my uncle's library of books.

I never met my neighbor till now because I have never before explore much of the forest or even traveled that far plus my uncle never said anyone else lived this far out of the main town before. One day I just had a sudden feeling to go run out into the forest. I seemed to have ran three miles or so when I ran into a dog. The dog had collar and ran up to me. I knelled down to pet it and check its collar as I did this it attempted to give me kisses. I was very curious to know where this dog came from because we did not have one and at the time I did not know any one lived way out here. Soon I heard voice calling "Roger"  which I figured was the dog name since it was on the dogs collar and for other obvious reasons. Dog perked its head and a boy about my age appeared out of the forest the dog ran to him. He said he was out exploring when is dog ran off. He told me his name was Tay as he explained that he found it quite odd that his dog ran off, but seeing me explained the this happening since his dog loves people. We began to talk and became almost instant friends. Tay knew about Zev, but did not know anyone else lived with him. I explained to him that he was my uncle and how I became to be living there.

Now I have never seen his house nor as he been to my place just ever day we come to what I think is most likely the half way point between our two homes. Here we visit read books, play in the in the woods, explore and talk. Everyday though he as leave right around the same time I assume to go home for dinner or something like that, but I do not really know much about were he lives or his family. I mean I have gone on and on about my family, but never once has he talked about anything personal other then his dog. I have asked him, but I do not Tay blows off the question with a twist. He as a knack for listening and talking a long time about nothing particular just interesting subjects about the world and the forest. And with that a talent to turn any topic into something he would prefer to talk about. And Tay love talking about his dog and the forest.

I have not asked my uncle yet about the neighbor, but I plan on it.

Something that brothers me about where Tay lives is that there is only one road that goes out this far from town and it dead ends at our house. I mean something feels odd, but maybe it is just me. There could be another road I assume.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The One Blue Light in the Darkest of Places

In a small town one does not see many street lights nor does one need street lights, the moon and stars are usually so bright that you can see at night almost as good as you can see during the day, but last night was different clouds covered the sky making it pitch black. You could not even see your hand when it was right in front of you. I went to bed that night, but not for long, something odd made me just wake up and I am not that easily awakened. When I woke I noticed a bright blue light coming from outside my window, the town had no street lights and it was too bright for a car, so I thought what could this be? I laid there for awhile thinking what could this light be, when finally my curiosity for the light got the best of me and made me stand up bare skinned to check the light that was so odd to me.
A chill went down my bones when I saw the light. I felt then like I was under the control of it's blue beams that were piercing my eyes. It seemed to influence me as I stood there dead tired, by the window. It was probably five minutes before I decided to go back to bed.
I turned around to head to my bed, but instead I found myself going downstairs without putting any clothes on. I unwilling walked outside in freezing night, I mean freezing, it must have been at most 30 degrees out there. I slowly walked towards this light as I try so hard to turn my feet around, even though I wanted to turn around I had a stronger feeling at the same time that I wanted to walk towards the light. As I arrived closer to the blue light I noticed it was just floating there, which for some reason at the moment seemed normal to me, and did not stop me from continuing to walk forward under the influence of it high beams. I was close enough to touch it, so I reached my hand out and when I did this the blue light just faded out of sight, leaving nothing behind, but darkness.
The next thing I remember was being in bed. Now I thought that this whole thing was just a really realistic, controlling, odd, and strange dream. This gave me comfort form the fear I had of what happen to me, but my comfort of the thought that the experience of the blue light was just a really realistic dream, went away that morning during breakfast.
We were eating like normal when my uncle said that this annoying blue light kept him up most of the night. When I asked him if he checked it out, he said no that he was too tired. That was not what scared me though. What scared me and made me realise it was all real, was when my sister asked me "What was it Gus? I saw you go outside to check it out." Then she just walked away before I could say anything. My uncle did not seem to care, he went on eating and reading his newspaper. This terrified me, and made me sit there frozen for a long time thinking about the whole thing, wondering what all of it meant.
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